Thursday, August 19, 2010

Turn Around -- Sept. 1 is Gaining on You

Turn around. September 1 is gaining on you.

What’s so special about September 1?

It marks my official start to the last 1/3 of the year. Most people think about the last quarter – I suggest you start to think about your business in thirds.

• jump-starting new clients
• launching new programs for existing clients
• executing your business plan or (in January) developing your new one
• active business development and marketing
• investing in the business

• revising your operating budget based on current results

• keeping the proactive business development and marketing going

• taking a critical assessment of the first six-eight months and revising your plans accordingly
• conducting formal client reviews
• continuing your rolling budget review

• adding new resources
• preparing for the stretch run to December

September-December: you are entering one of the most critical periods of the year. This is the time frame that can make or break the following year. Develop a four-month plan for success.

• winning business that will carry over to next year
• reviewing your stars’ career development track, and keeping them motivated and enthused
• addressing client vulnerabilities and opportunities with additional client review sessions
• selling in new services to achieve stretch goals

• beginning to plan for the following year

September 1 is almost here.

What are you doing to prepare for this critical 1/3 of your year?


Bob Reed said...

Timely post, George. As summer comes to a close, clients and prospects start turning serious, or in this case with the economy, even more serious.

PR Coach said...

Thanks Bob. I appreciate your comments. feel free to share with others if you like.


Scott Farrell said...

Interesting approach and sound advice, George. Another calendar trick I share with our teams is to remind them that there are only 11 months in the year. Due to the holidays, employee and client vacations, typical year-end slow downs and the occasional budget cut, December is a typically a wash out. Nobody makes their year in December. But if they plan around an 11 month year, then all the typical stress around needing a great December (against the odds, by the way) goes out the window.

PR Coach said...

That's a great tip Scott. I'm going to steal it (and give appropriate credit of course!)