Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Six Strategies for the Next Six Months

I recently returned from several days in Asheville, NC where I attended the 2010 Counselors Academy Spring Conference.

I love going to the conference and I have attended perhaps 20 of them over the years. I consider myself a Counselor’s regular.

I have been fortunate to present at breakout sessions and breakfast roundtables. This past Conference I facilitated a roundtable on strategies that agencies should be using over the rest of the year. I identified six that I cited:

1. Critically assess the first half-year
  • What have we learned?
  • What must we do differently?
2. Revise your strategic plan as necessary
  • Or develop one if you don’t have one
3. Change your mentality
  • Start thinking like a salesperson not just a marketer
4. View your major clients as new business opportunities.
  • Conduct formal account reviews with all key clients
5. Keep your stars motivated
  • Over communicate
6. Revisit your vision
  • Do you have a clear and compelling vision of the firm you want to become?
b. Are you moving towards your vision?

I’ll be going into more detail on all of these in coming posts.

What other strategies would you add to this list.?