Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get Rid of Destructive Employees -- Now!

Apart from financial performance, smart agency owners know that success in the agency business (e.g. new clients, great work, industry reputation, awards) is based on:

• People

• Chemistry
• Relationships
• Teamwork
• Collegiality

I am sure there are some “successful” firms that turn a blind eye to internal flare-ups, disrespect of colleagues, berating team members, constant complaining, etc., but who the hell would want to work there?

Have you ever had a “destructive” employee? Moreover, have you ever had a destructive employee on your management team?

Unfortunately, some of the most destructive employees (particularly the senior ones) are often among your most valuable. They do great work; certain clients love them; they are aggressive in their pursuit of business, and they are vocal in their ideas on how to make your firm better.

After experiencing several such destructive “stars” when I was in the agency business, and having seen how they have affected some of the agencies I now consult with, I can say unequivocally – get rid of them.

They will bring your firm down not up; they will spur others to leave; they will ultimately create client problems, and they will frustrate your efforts to make your firm a great place in which to work.

Any destructive employee “horror” stories you care to share?