Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Traits of a Great Agency Leader: Part Two

Last week I posted three of the six traits that I have observed in great agency leaders. I asked the question then and it bears repeating: What are the behaviors that separate the great from the average? Can good CEOs become great? Can mediocre ones improve?

Here are traits 4-6. Comments and challenges are welcomed.

4. They live in the present but have a clear, compelling vision of the future -- they know exactly what kind of firm they want to become

• They have an unwavering focus and commitment to make the vision a reality.
• Their vision is a filter for decision-making. It simplifies and provides a strategic context for all their major decisions
• They are willing to take risks to achieve their vision

5. They are “star-crazed”
• They understand that a great leader needs great lieutenants not foot soldiers
• They invest in “stars”
• They don’t tolerate the “average”

6. They live by standards of excellence (external and internal)
• They set the standards
• They meet the standards

• They understand that standards of excellence are non-negotiable

In part three, I’ll show a simple scorecard to rate yourself as a leader.

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