Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Traits of a Great Agency Leader: Part One

As a former agency CEO who now advises CEOs and owners of public relations firms, I have observed great agency leaders, good ones, and some that are just mediocre. What are the behaviors that separate the great from the average? Can good CEOs become great? Can mediocre ones improve?

Here are three of the six traits that distinguish great agency leaders:

1. The “possibility” mindset
• They are committed to being great and wildly successful
• They always focus on the positive
• They understand that doubts will interfere with the outcome they want.
• Especially today, outstanding leaders think, act, and believe in abundance and prosperity. They are open to receiving it

2. Action-oriented
• They are doers – not just thinkers and talkers (motivate by actions not words)
• They are always moving their firm forward – not just treading water
• They work on their business, not just in their business
• They run their business like a business with an active business plans, marketing, business development and financial plans

3. Personal change agent (“If I am not part of the problem there is solution”)
• They recognize the need to change (awareness)
• They embrace the need to change (acceptance)
• They make changes in their own behavior (action)
• They invest in themselves and their firm

Test yourself. How do you rate against these first three traits?

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