Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Things That Bug Me

Here are a few of my favorite pet peeves practiced diligently by too many people.

1. Not returning phone calls or emails from people you know or who are not pestering you. No excuse for being rude.

2. Sending an email, which invites a response, and then not answering your phone one minute later.

3. Using this cliché excuse for not responding to a phone call or email: “I didn’t have time”; or “I was so busy.” A simple acknowledgment takes 15 seconds!

4. Asking for a proposal and then disappearing into a “black hole” never to be heard from again.

5. Giving advice for free and then complaining that no one wants to pay for it.

6. Being afraid to work on themselves to become a better leader, manager or just a better person. What are they afraid of finding out?

7. Believing so strongly in one political side or the other that they can’t possibly see any middle ground.

8. Always finding a reason (or making excuses) not to do something that they really need to do.

9. Not understanding the basics of customer service and so there isn’t any.

10. Letting bureaucratic policy get in the way of good common sense.

What about you? What really bugs you?

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