Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Less = More = Opportunity

I hear from numerous agency owners who have reduced their workforce over the last several months that they feel they now have a stronger staff than ever before.

Could fewer staff mean a stronger staff? Absolutely.

I have always believed in the adage that great people create great organizations. Nowhere is that more true than in a “people” business like public relations.

Many smaller firms have reduced staff down to a core group of high performers. Larger firms have eliminated marginal people from account and practice groups. In both cases, the team that’s left primarily represents your “keepers”.

We are slowly emerging from this recession. As we do, firm owners have a great opportunity to add new strength to their agencies by beginning to look for that new “star” who may have gotten caught up in a layoff. They are out there.

Start looking for your next “star”. You don’t have to pull the trigger and hire just yet, but we all know how difficult it is to recruit when times are good. It’s a much better idea to recruit when times are tough.

Now is the time to start capitalizing on the opportunities to get your firm ready for the second half of the year and even 2010.

Make your strong staff even stronger with a smart hire.

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