Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The "Attractive " Agency

I have a theory and a question.

Most people have heard of The Law of Attraction. Essentially, it says that whatever you focus on in life you will draw or attract to you. Your thought process is like a magnet.

If you focus on the negative -- lack, limitation and scarcity -- that is what you’ll get. If you worry about the next client who will cut the budget or put the agency on hold – that’s what will happen.

Conversely, if you believe (truly believe) in abundance and prosperity you will attract abundance and prosperity. If you focus on the next client you will win, rather than the next client you’ll lose – guess what? You will acquire a new piece of business or increase business from one of your existing clients.

Now, think about “attractive” people. They draw to them others who want what they have. And, they do it easily, seemingly with little effort. They are “magnetic”. Attraction is success without striving.

So, my theory is that there can be such a thing as an “attractive agency” – an agency that attracts to it their ideal clients, their ideal people, and their ideal reputation -- an agency that succeeds without striving, even in tough times.

An attractive agency

  • Over-responds to every problem and turns every event into an opportunity
  • Under-promises and over delivers – always
  • Masters its craft, innovates for sheer joy, invents new ways to work
  • Derives its strength from who it is rather than what it does
  • Is unconditionally constructive and sees perfection not problems in staff and client
Pie in the sky? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Any attractive agencies out there?

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Joanna Brody said...

Thank you for these simple reminders about how to do business and about how to attract it! I love it and had to practice each of these things this week in response to a small client problem. Choosing to face the problem with a smile and turn it into an opportunity pleased the client and reinforced that they are in good hands with us.